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    Residential Asphalt Paving Pueblo CO

    How much does it cost to pave?

    To pave an asphalt, the local average cost is from $7 to $13 per square footing. But there are times that asphalt paving cost will go higher and there are also times that asphalt paving cost will go lower. It will depend on the current cost of the asphalt.

    The asphalt cost is unstable because the asphalt cost will go higher or go lower depending on the oil price. Meaning to say, whenever the oil price goes higher, the asphalt cost also goes higher which includes the asphalt paving costs.

    Even if the asphalt paving cost can go higher or can go lower, asphalt paving cost is still the cheapest paving cost among the rest. Asphalt paving is one of the cheapest, but it is also one of the paving that can last long just like the other paving that is expensive.

    Southern asphalt paving

    The southern asphalt paving contractors will base their asphalt paving costs depending on the current price of the asphalt. Just like the others asphalt paving contractors, the southern asphalt paving contractors can also raise or lower down their asphalt paving service fee.

    What is an overlay and is it appropriate for my needs?

    The overlay is a layer of asphalt that is applied on top of the asphalt. You will need it if the asphalt on your driveway has lots of holes or cracks. The overlay will be the new surface of your driveway, which will make your driveway look new.

    Most Colorado asphalt paving contractors only overlay an asphalt that needs overlay. Most Colorado asphalt paving contractors will not overlay an asphalt that will only need repair because it is not necessary. Asphalt overlay may also be expensive, and it will be a waste of money to overlay an asphalt that does not need an overlay.

    To know better what is the best for your asphalt, consult the professionals and ask if what is the best thing that you can do to the asphalt. The professionals will then conduct an inspection or survey on the asphalt to determine what the asphalt needs.

    During the inspection or the survey, the professionals can determine anything that the asphalt needs. They can determine if the asphalt needs overlay, if the asphalt needs repair or if the asphalt needs to be replaced.

    What do you do with the old asphalt?

    Southern asphalt paving

    What you can do with the old asphalt is that you can still use it. If the old asphalt seems to be strong enough or if the asphalt is not 25 years or older, it still can be reused as the foundation of the new asphalt.

    If there is an existing asphalt, the local asphalt companies can pour the asphalt onto the old asphalt and there will be no need for the local asphalt companies to destroy the asphalt and then pave a new foundation again because the old asphalt can still work as the foundation of the new asphalt.

    However, there are conditions in making the old asphalt the foundation of the new asphalt. One of the conditions is that the old asphalt needs to be thick. Thick enough to be the foundation of the new asphalt. When we say thick enough, we mean that it should be at least 3 inches thick.

    If the old asphalt is not at least 3 inches thick, the old asphalt will not be safe to use for the foundation of the new asphalt. The local asphalt companies will have to make a new foundation for the new asphalt that they are paving.

    What is the procedure for maintaining my asphalt?

    The procedure for maintaining the asphalt will depend on the kind of pavement the asphalt is. For residential asphalt pavements, there is intended maintenance only for residential asphalt pavements and it should not be used for commercial asphalt pavements.

    Just like residential asphalt pavements, commercial asphalt pavements also have maintenance that is intended only for commercial asphalt pavements. Residential and commercial asphalt pavements are different from each other. They have different thickness and they also use different grades of asphalt, that means it should also be maintained differently from each other.

    The asphalt paving Pueblo CO companies maintain the asphalt pavement differently depending on their kinds. For commercial asphalt pavement, the asphalt paving Pueblo CO company can maintain it by doing a regular inspection to check if the asphalt pavement is still safe to use. Frequent inspection for the commercial asphalt pavement is necessary.

    Unlike residential asphalt pavement, residential asphalt pavement can be maintained by cleaning it and sealing it. There is also a lesser chance for the possibility for the residential asphalt pavement to encounter damages like the commercial asphalt pavement encounters because both residential and commercial asphalt pavement is used differently.

    Can you perform asphalt repairs in the winter?

    During the winter, if it is an emergency repair, we will have to make a way to repair the asphalt. We can repair asphalt any time, but the asphalt repair will still be better if we do it during nice weather.

    But emergency repairs are inevitable. Even during the winter, we will be repairing the asphalt because it is an emergency. If we do not repair the asphalt during the winter and if the repair is needed as soon as possible, accidents will happen and vehicles will be damaged.

    During the winter, we can still repair the asphalt as an emergency. We will make sure that we satisfy our clients with our asphalt pavement services. We can repair the asphalt during winter, during the rainy season almost anytime. We can repair asphalt anytime that is needed.

    Emergency repairs are not offered by all local paving companies but we do. Yes, we are one of the local paving companies that provides asphalt repair during the winter and during the rainy season. Regardless of the season or the weather, we will still be able to repair the asphalt as soon as possible.